Friday, May 25, 2007

Consuming the Sun!

The ten Suggestions I listed for cooling earth back down are certainly not everything that could, they may not even be among the ten best.
Let us know yours, if they sound logical we'll post them all together.

For now email them directly to me at
I will officially open this site next month. For now I will start listing more of them right here. Here is a great 'species' suggestion from a Cindy C.

C C - "Governments should give farmers incentives to grow perennial crops, instead of annual ones. Tree groves would be thick vegetation year around as crops start as nothing, so farms would consume far more solar heat, and the planet would get cooler.
This may also require less work from farmers in that they will not have to replant every year."

Excellent! More fruit, less rabbit food, SC

C C then Sent me another:
"I think if we grew
lawns from meadow grasses we could mow them about a foot or so high, allowing far more solar consumption".
Send more CC, I like em.