Monday, May 28, 2007

How Earth’s Natural Air Conditioner Works

Ten Ways to cool the Planet

Individual things:

10. Plant fast growing trees and dense bushes over your wettest lands.

9. Wash your car, pets, filters, etc. with clear water in your yard, not over a drain.

8. Divert the rain from your roof to trees and plants instead of city storm drainage.

7. Take showers in your yard when warm and private enough.

6. In warm weather hang your clothing outside to dry.

5. Mow your grass at the highest level your mower can cut. Then think of other ways to tap the solar energy pouring down on your property, try to keep it from reflecting or radiating.

Now as Species:

4. Replant forests on every piece of underused land that can support them.

3. Use roof and asphalt materials that consume the sun’s heat.

These things are now radiating gold minds of pure power into the atmosphere.

2. Much of earth’s hottest deserts just happen to be under sea level.

They do support some life but they are so hot and dry there is very little photosynthesis happening, but they are also radiating extreme amounts of heat into the atmosphere.
Companies like Westinghouse and others are doing extraordinary things with desalinization, apply their help to reduce salt to levels low enough to turn those wasted desert ovens into lush tropical paradises. Their climates would be wonderful and they would be cold oxygen machines!

The cooling effect would be huge as would the opportunities this would create for food, resorts, golf courses, manufacturing, jobs, and all kinds of fun. This land is also likely the cheapest most unused on earth, well that is until someone gets it wet. It would also be helpful for our exploding populations.

Using desalinated sea water to cover dry deserts with photosynthesis will also help to reduce the problem of raising sea levels.

1. Reclaim river water, just before it mixes with salt water. All those giant icebergs that have been breaking loose are also fresh water just melting in salt water.

Since we can already build big 1000 mile long petroleum pipes through frozen tundra, pumping water downhill should be a piece of cake, using big hoses and the Principle of the Siphon.

A few tug boats can tow an iceberg the size of Manhattan. Drain that on some hot desert.

One cool question, what do you do use to put out a fire?

(C) 2007 Steven Craig

Friday, May 25, 2007

Consuming the Sun!

The ten Suggestions I listed for cooling earth back down are certainly not everything that could, they may not even be among the ten best.
Let us know yours, if they sound logical we'll post them all together.

For now email them directly to me at
I will officially open this site next month. For now I will start listing more of them right here. Here is a great 'species' suggestion from a Cindy C.

C C - "Governments should give farmers incentives to grow perennial crops, instead of annual ones. Tree groves would be thick vegetation year around as crops start as nothing, so farms would consume far more solar heat, and the planet would get cooler.
This may also require less work from farmers in that they will not have to replant every year."

Excellent! More fruit, less rabbit food, SC

C C then Sent me another:
"I think if we grew
lawns from meadow grasses we could mow them about a foot or so high, allowing far more solar consumption".
Send more CC, I like em.